The Solution!

To reduce friction & deterioration through the achievement of advanced lubrication technology!!


Continuously cleans carbon, sludge, and varnishes from vital parts.

10% Off Grease Gun Kit

The National Spencer Grease Gun is manufactured in the United States. 


Lower lubrication temperatures and extending equipment life.


Up to 20%

Bill & Ellie Mongin
Master Distributors  РColeman, WI

How Does Power Up Work?

The Power Up advanced technology has an ability to reverse the wear molecule and create a negative ion. The negative ion then forms a marriage with the lubricant that its working with. Our technology can withstand 200,000 lbs of pressure to the wear surface, where grease and oil are used as lubricants. We treat the oil not the wear surface, other technology bonds to the wear surface, we do not.

We are proud to be serving and supplying the Food, Automotive, Manufacturing and Trucking industry with a critical lubrication technology since 1991.

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Customer Reviews

Marquardt Auto Sales was established in 1973 as a full automotive repair shop. I have seen numerous products in our industry come and go. Most of these products have not established a measurable level of results for our customers. At the time we first met we were reevaluating our additive lines and I asked to take a took at your products. After viewing your demonstration I felt we needed to give your products a full test…

~Dick Marquardt
Owner, Marquardt Auto Service