PowerUP NNL690-G Oil Fortifier


1 L ( 35 Oz ) NNL690-G
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NNL690-G oil fortifier is designed for engines, gear box, power steering, transmissions, differentials and hydraulic oil systems. The product benefits are, increased engine life, increased power, fuel savings, smother transmission shifting, cooler & cleaner lubricants with increased lubrication intervals. For a technical data sheet click on the links below.

5 Qt Engine Oil Capacity ( 5,000 mile oil change )

6 Qt Engine Oil Capacity   ( 6,000 mile oil change )

12 Qt Engine Oil Capacity ( 12,000 mile oil change )

24 Qt Engine Oil Capacity ( 24,000 mile oil change )

NNL690G can also be used as gasoline fuel additive. It has been field tested by MCS Distribution, Inc. It is an excellent upper cylinder and fuel injector conditioner. The ratio is 1 ounce of NNL690-G Oil Fortifier to every 10 gallons of gasoline.

For larger capacity application intervals please contact our company.

Do the math and calculate the savings, and lets help save our precious oil supply.

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