Subject: PowerUp Products

Date: 04-18-2006

Mr. Bill Mongin

Bill I have been delivering mail for the United States Postal Service since 1971. My vehicle must be ready in all types of weather to make deliveries. It is extremely important to me to be able to get into my truck without failure. I have been a mechanic most of my life working for others and also on my own equipment.

I was first introduced to PowerUp in 1996 by Dick Marquardt is one of your Service Centers located in Oconto Falls, Wisconsin. I would have to say I was very skeptical about adding products to my truck. Dick would not quit he was very persistent. One day I gave your products a try. The results have been nothing but amazing.

The truck I use in my mail route is a 1996 Ford 429 gas engine. Before the use of PowerUp my last engine needed an overhaul at 180,000 miles of use. Here is where it gets interesting. After the overhaul I started to use PowerUp NNL690-G universal fortifier in my engine, transmission, differential and power steering unit. I now have 280,000 miles on the overhaul, not including approximately 2,000 hours of idle time. The net results, my truck is running like it was new. The oil pressure is the same as it was the first day of the overhaul. My engines compression is the same as it was the day of the overhaul. My oil is noticeably cleaner each time I change my oil. I now extend my oil changes form 3,000 miles to 5,000 miles. The day you were here my truck had 3,600 miles on the oil. The oil on the dip stick looked like new oil. This is why I change my oil at 5,000 miles. I’m sure my fuel economy has improved, however I can not give you any stats on that. It is just too hard to track fuel consumption, there are too may variables I have to deal with in my business.

In closing, I noticed an absolute change on how easy my truck starts. In cold weather my truck was hard to start, this was before PowerUp. The absolute fact is this if it is 70 degrees or -10 degrees below zero my truck starts the same, I think this is amazing. I use NNL690-G PowerUp in my 1991 Chev V6 van, Chev 4X4 V8, Ford V6 Taurus and in my Snow Blower. I use this product in everything I own.

In closing PowerUp is saving me a lot of money and helping me maintain a dependable delivery service. I would like to thank you for bringing the PowerUp products into Wisconsin. I am telling others when they are willing to listen, keep up the good work!

Tom Holman
Owner Operator & Private Carrier
US Postal Services