Power Up Product Results

Shawano Police Department
Chief Ed Whealon

The Shawano Police Department started to use the Power Up NNL699-G in their police car’s engine, transmission & rear ends. The following results were discussed by Chief Ed Whealon to Bill Mongin president of MCS Distributionin Ed’s office.

Bill we have been using Power Up NNL690-G for a little over 3 years now. We have a variety of vehicles that are used by our department. Our fleet consists of Ford & Dodge vehicles. At times our equipment is put through extreme conditions and it is common that we have transmission & engine failures. Since using NNL690-G we have not had one failure with our engines, transmissions our differentials.

I also use Power Up NNL690-G in all of my personal equipment at home. The best results came from my 30 foot Seray Boat. It is equipped with two 360 Chrysler engines and two twin screw find drive units. The results were noticeable; my boat had increased power, easier starting, less engine noise and an improved fuel economy.

The information in this document was obtained by Bill Mongin of MCS Distribution form Chief Ed Whealon of the Shawano Police department. The use of this document was designed for the web site of MCS Distribution, Inc.

Bill Mongin
MCS Distribution, Inc.