Property Maintenance Supply

We have used POWER UP and your grease for over a year now. I learned about your program from one of my customers (an end user), who told me that he cannot afford to be without it. I decided that if an end user who used it for over 7 years was that convinced about how great this product is, I’d better check it out. After viewing your demonstration and video, I was thoroughly impressed.
One customer told me that on one piece of equipment he owns, he had to replace bearings every six months or less. Since they started using POWER UP, they have now been running the same bearing for approximately six years. That is just awesome!

I now use POWER UP on all of my company vehicles as well as my personal vehicles. My company’s 11/2 ton diesel truck definitely runs smoother, shifts better, and gets better fuel economy. The same goes for all our other equipment. I definitely saw better fuel economy and performance from my boat, which has two 454 big block GM engines.

When we grease, I can also see that we use less than we used to, and oil changes have now been stretched from 3000 miles to 6000 miles between changes–saving time and money.

If anyone would like to call me personally, feel free to do so. My phone number is (920) 468-6030.


Bob Servais
Property Maintenance Supply