Power Up Spray Lubrication Information



  • Resists rust and corrosion
  • Designed for thin film, heavy load lubrication
  • Greatly reduces friction and drag
  • Reduces metal wear by forming a high strength boundary film
  • Prolongs operating life
  • Is compatible with typical seals, except EPDM
  • Is designed to withstand corrosive environments
  • Speeds drilling and tapping; cutting edges remain sharp longer
  • Water soluble

Penetrating Fluid 2000

  • Heavy duty performance
  • Designed for rapid, deep penetration of of rusted or seized parts
  • Excellent surfactancy
  • Penetrates in wet conditions
  • Water soluble
  • Reduces shear strength of rust particles at metal interface, minimizing the amount of force needed
  • Easily applied
  • Pleasant aroma

Aerosols contain no ozone depleting ingredients.

Pen 2000 and RCL 1000 are also available in the following non-aerosol sizes: 500mL, 5 Litre and 20 Litre containers.

Mt. Jefferson Woolens, a wool mill in Oregon, has a unique lubrication problem with the chains of a cloth dryer. “The chains incur significant friction and wear and are very expensive to replace.  Chain links cost $24.00/foot and with 1000 feet of chain there is significant investment in this component.  The ability of the lubricant to protect the chain is hampered by the small amount that can be applied, as not to stain the cloth.  We tried many lubricants but we ended up with Power Up Lubricant Spray in a mist and it has been very effective.  Our operators report dramatically reduced noise and I have not been able to measure (by micrometer) any wear on the chains since we started using the Spray

Plant Engineer, Mt. Jefferson Woolens, Jefferson Oregon

Steve Frolander