Dear Power Up

I want to thank you for your entire product line.  We have been using Power Up for a few years now and I would like to relate some of the results we have seen since using your products.  We have been in business for over 10 years and have built up a small fleet of 15 units many of them like the one pictured here with a large water tank, a pump and a steam unit inside a van.  We run this equipment hard and steady.  Prior to using Power Up we would periodically lose oil from one of our pumps and wreck the pump.  These pumps cost us between $1,500 and $3,500 per pump.  We lost oil due to a melted plastic check plug in these little pumps and many times in the past have always seen the same result, a ruined pump and a hurtful repair bill.

Since using Power Up NNL 690 G in our pumps we have lost oil 3 times all with the same result.  NO DAMAGE!  If we melt the plug out of one of our pumps we just replace the oil in the pump and put in an ounce or two of NNL 690 G and send it back out to work.  Not only is this saving a large repair / replacement bill, it also keeps our truck at the site working and is a far smaller headache.  Power Up has saved us from other catastrophic failures as well.  Our Ford power stroke diesel truck has an oil capacity of 13 liters in the crankcase.  We took this truck into the dealer for an oil change and believe that the technician must have put in about 4 liters of oil not realizing that it was the large sump that required 13 liters.  We then took this truck and hauled 3,000 liters of water about 250 km (round trip) from Calgary requiring us to climb a nasty mountain pass on a gravel trail to get to our wash job.  Three trips later I decided to check the oil on this truck.  There was nothing showing on the dip stick!  I put in 2 liters and checked it again.  Nothing on the stick!  I put in 2 more liters and still nothing showing on the stick.  We ended putting in about 10 liters of oil in this truck.  We then drove it to the dealer and told them what had happened. The truck was checked over and they found no damage at all.  We have put on an additional 50,000 km since then with no troubles. Power Up saves the day again.  Power Up doesn’t cost us to use; it is more expensive to not use Power Up in our operation.

I want to personally thank you and your organization for providing products that really work.


Brad Wilson
Performance Mobile Services