McCauslin Brook CC Ltd.
13067 Clubhouse Lane
Lakewood, WI 54138

Bill, it has been a little over 10 years since you gave our company your Power Up demonstration. After viewing your demo we decided to give your products a test. Please feel free to use the following information on your website and in your catalogs.

We have several Jacobsen Greens Mowers. The one unit I would like to mention is a 1999 Greens King 5 with 17,000 hours of operation. The mower is equipped with 3 deck assemblies. There are 2 rollers on each deck with a total of 6 rollers on each mower. Normally after about 3 months of use the bearings on the rollers would fail. We have approximately 30 extra deck assemblies that fit other units that can be used on models as far back as 1970. Some of these units have seen 10 years of use with the Thixogrease #2 product. Over the 10 year period we have had only 3 bearing failures.

We also had some engines that had experienced metal fatigue in the connecting rod area. These engines were taken apart and the new connecting rods were replaced. The thing that amazed us most was no measurable wear to be found in the upper cylinder areas. We gave the cylinder a light hone and installed a standard ring set.

Also the following models, Jacobsen SV 3422, Jacobsen 5625 SX with 750 hours, 1994 Jacobsen Turf Cat with 1,125 hours and a 1996 Toro 455D with 4,000 hours have been using the Power Up products. All of these units have experienced no bearing failures and no measurable pin and bushing wear.

Please feel free the pictures that were taken on you website. In closing I would like to say that the Power Up products have been put to a good test. I would strongly recommend that you take a look at Bill’s Power Up demonstration and products.

Yours truly,

Rick Bartells
Maintenance Supervisor