Dear Bill,

On June 20, 1997 you gave me your Power Up demonstration, I would have to say after your presentation I felt I would have to give your products a try. I first started with a pail of your grease, On December 12, 1997 I ordered a 5 Ltr of Gen49D Diesel fuel treatment, and on September 8, 1998 I ordered a 10 Ltr of NNL690-G. It has been almost 4 years in total since U first started with your products. Here are some of the results I have received.

I was operating a Bantum Excavator with a 453 Detroit diesel engine. The engine had a great deal of hours of use. The cylinder sealing gaskets were fatigued. The antifreeze was running out of the engine and the cylinder head was cracked. My engine rebuilder was Polk Diesel in Green Bay, WI. After close inspection the crank shafts rod & main bearings seemed just fine. Although the rod & main bearings were in fine shape they were still replaced. But the remarkable results came when they looked at the crank shaft. It was in excellent shape and they could not justify doing anything to it. Normally after something like this happens the entire engine needs complete rebuilding. This saved me a great deal of expense. This has been the only major repairs that I have experienced since I started using your products.

The problems I used to live with like Pins & Bushings, my Excavators turn table, Universal Joints and many others have disappeared. I have only replaced one universal joint in my company’s fleet of vehicles since. The Universal Joint that I did replace had loosened it’s bolts and came apart, with your grease or any other grease this problem could not have been solved. Your diesel fuel treatment has increased the performance of my equipment, easier starting and better fuel economy.

In closing I would like to share with you what I once said before. I sleep much better today, and am enjoying a peace of mind because of your products. Thanks again Bill for showing me your Power Up demonstration.

Yours Truly,
Allan Kempka