Dear Bill Mongin

I would like to start with telling you about my Power Matic Plainer. The bearings on this unit would turn at 57,000 rpm. This unit came with a 5 hp engine. I changed it to a 25 hp engine. I had set this unit up to plain large beams and take a _ inch cut at a time. Because I pushed the equipment to the extreme the bearing would run very hot. They would only last about 3 months and fail. Well, I tried several different high end greases with no results. Then I tried your Thixogrease #2 product and the problem went away it has been a little over 8 months and they are running cool.

The second story comes form my Montgomery Wood Hog. This unit had cutter head assembly bearings that were running hot, you could not touch them with your hands. I was going to replace the bearings and then you came along. I installed your Thixogrease #2 to this application, once again the problem disappeared.
I am very happy I met you in that restaurant that day. Please feel free to use this letter on your web site. I am telling others whenever I get a chance how good your products are.

Yours truly,

John Van Vonderen