Dear PowerUP.

I want to share with you and your other customers and users some of the results that I have seen by using your Gen 49 Diesel Fuel additive.  Experience has shown me that it is usually less expensive to buy the best, that’s why I run a Kenworth, it’s supposed to be the worlds finest.  My rig is 6 years old and I have 1.4 million kilometers on it.  I am running a Cat 3406 E.  My previous truck had 6 years and 1.7 million kilometers when I had the engine overhauled.

November of 2002 I decided that this truck needed a rebuild, mileage was way down, around 4.7 mpg and the truck just seemed weak.  So I called the dealer and scheduled an over haul during the Christmas season. A few weeks before Christmas I purchased some Gen 49 Diesel fuel additive from our local UFA store.  Wow this Gen 49 really delivers, instantly my mileage went up to 5.6 mpg and the truck just seemed to perk right up. In fact this truck now feels like it has as much horsepower as it had when it was new. I’ve even cancelled the booking for the over haul.

I’ve tried other products and have never really seen much improvement, until I used Power Up’s Gen 49.  This product really delivers. Thanks for helping my truck and my bottom line.  I have just acquired some Power Up for my transmission and for my engine I can sincerely say that I look forward to using your other lubricating products.

Sincerely Hugh McKay
Independent Trucker
Brooks, Alberta