I have been using your products for 8 years. You asked me if I would give you and endorsement letter when I noticed results from your products. Here’s my story.

The logging business is hard on equipment. At times we are operating our equipment on hills with extreme slopes. This is very hard on the engines life; this is something we have to live with. We also have to grease our equipment every two days or we would experience major wear factors, thus having costly breakdowns.

In 1999 I bought a new Franklin Skidder with a TB4 Cummings engine as of today it has a little over 900,000 hours of operation. The engine was replaced at 4,000 hours because of a broken valve spring that caused major damage. I also purchased a used Franklin Skidder and today it has a little over 10,000 hours of operation. We harvest our products with a Timbco 415D wood processor with a Rolly II head; it has a little over 8,000 hours of use. We haul our wood to the mills with a 1999 International 430 Detroit engine; it has a little over 700,000 miles not including idle time.

The engines, transmissions, differentials, power steering and wheels have been treated with NNL690-G oil fortifier. We grease all of the equipment listed above with Thixogrease #2. We also have treated some of our hydraulics with Hydra Maxx.

As of today, we only grease once every 7 days, we use to grease daily. We have not had one pin or bushing replacement on all the equipment listed above. We continue to give our equipment close inspection, finding no wear. Our engines are running just fine with good oil pressure. In conclusion I strongly recommend that you take a look at Bill’s PowerUp demonstration and products.

Please feel free to use this letter on your web site or catalogs.

Harold Ducane
Ducane Skidding
W 8144 Smith Creek Rd.
Crivitz, WI 54114