Dear Bill,

We have been racing for more than 25 years and when Carl Morse a close associate of my racing team told us about your Power Up demonstration we felt we needed to give this product a try.

first year we used Power Up was last year, we had two races left for the season. We were running a 351 Ford Windsor engine. On the first race we blew a radiator hose with 3 laps to go. We finished that race and reinstalled the hose started up our engine and did not notice any measurable damage. At that time we were scheduled to run another race and did not have time for close inspection or engine change. That next race went just fine. We had another engine to use so we took that engine out and installed another in its place. We felt there must have been some damage done. Later that year in the off season we disassembled the engine and to our amazement the engine was in great shape we could not see any signs of damage or wear.

I have enclosed a picture of that engine for your web page. We are using Power Up in our racing equipment and personal cars. This product was and is all of what your company said it would be. We are endorsing the M.C.S. Lubrication Program with the Power Up products.

Yours Truly,

John Konitzer
Farmer John Racing