Dear Bill,

It has been a little over 5 years since I started using your Power Up products. You asked me to give your company an endorsement letter after I received measurable results. I would have to say at first I thought your products were priced a little high. But after viewing your Power Up demonstration I felt I needed to give them a try. I just purchased a new processor, every 2,000 hours it needs new pins and bushings. The cost factor is approximately $25,000 for each overhaul.

It has been a little over 5 years since I first started testing your products. After 2,000 hours we did not notice any measurable signs of wear, and after 4,000 hours the results were very close to the same. My processor has been operating a little over 8,000 hours with minimal wear. Your grease alone has saved my company a little over $100,000 in repairs alone. This figure does not include the down time operating cost. Update 04/08/2005, we now have over 10,000 hours of operation on our wood processor with no need of an overhaul.

The next product I would like to mention is your Hydra Max hydraulic oil fortifier. The temperatures dropped in my lubricants and I experienced very little hydraulic hose failure. The hydraulic lubrication intervals have lasted twice as long as I expected. I am also using Power Up NNL690-G in all of my equipment engines, differentials and transmissions experiencing excellent results.

Your Lubrication Program and Power Up products have saved my company a great deal of money. I recommend you give Bill Mongin a call as soon as possible and take a look at his demonstration.

Yours truly,

Duran Schroeder
Duran Schroeder Forest Products