Date: 11-23-2001

Dear Bill,

I purchased a used 1997 Kenworth truck with a N14 Cummings 525 HP. The truck odometer read 103,000 miles of use. For the first 3 years it pulled 150,000 lbs of loads. When I first started my fuel economy report averaged 5.7 miles per gallon. After meeting with you several years ago and using your products on my farm I had no doubt that I was going to use the Power Up products on my truck. I installed your NNL690-G oil fortifier in my engine, transmission, differentials and in the front wheels.

Within a few days I started to notice a change in the performance of my truck. The company that I was pulling for kept track of my fuel economy. I am now receiving 6.4 miles per gallon. This equates to a 13% increase in my fuel economy. Here is my cost factor savings over the four years of using your products.

190,00 Average Miles Traveled Per Year Based On
25,000 Mile Oil Change

33,333 Gallons Used @ 5.7 MPG
29,687 Gallons Used @ 6.4 MPG
3,645 Annual Gallons Saved

$1.35 @ 3,645 = $4,920.75 Annual Gross Savings
$966.00 Annual Power Up Products Used
$3,954.75 Annual Net Savings

$15,819.00 Savings After 4 Years

I have also kept good records on the wear metal counts with oil samples. I used to change my oil at 10,000 miles. I am now changing my oil at 25,000 miles. This test was performed by the lubrication supplier of the company that I pull for.

One more thing that I must mention is the results of my engines 500,000 mile check up. Cumming Great Lakes in Depere WI did a rod & main bearing check. The results there were no too little measurable wear to the bearings and engine. They simply reinstalled a new pan gasket and my truck was back on the road. In closing I would like to say it is hard to make a profit in this business and I do not know I would be without Power Up in my truck. Please feel free to use this letter as an endorsement letter.

Update: 05-01-2011

I have expanded my operation and service other fleet operators. The results of PowerUp NNL690-G oil fortifier has show differential temperature drop up to 90 degrees. The Thixogrease product is working well with my lubrication program. My customers have safely extend there engine oil intervals and grease intervals to a 50,000 miles.

Yours Truly

Brent Gusick
Double K Express LLC