Dear Bill,

On June 27, 1997 you called on me and gave me a Power Up demonstration. After viewing your demonstration, I ordered a pail of your grease and a 5 Ltr.jug of your Power Up NNL690-G. It has been almost 4 years and you asked me to give you an endorsement letter when I was satisfied with your products.

The first thing I would have to say was after one full year, I did not replace any bearings and did not experience any major repairs. In fact I has mentioned to you at the end of that year that I had saved at least $7,000 in repairs that would normally take place.

I do not know why, but the next year I did not order your products. The results that summer, well I started having mechanical failures again. After that summer I made up my mind to call your company and start using your products again.

The results that next year were excellent. I have not experienced any bearing failures this includes my mower deck bearings. I do not know of any other products that can offer the results of your Power Up products.

In closing I am back using your products and I am looking forward to using them for many years to come. Thank you Bill for being patient with me.

Updated Letter : 05-31-2014

I own a golf course in Crivitz, WI. My wife and I have owned the course for 25 years.

With over 50 machines in use, lubricants are an important part of our maintenance program. The cost of the grease is more then others, but the savings in bearings, repairs and down time far outweighs the difference in cost.

I wouldn’t even consider using a different product, after the continued result we have seen.

Yours truly

Charles DeSmidt