Bill it’s been about 7 years since I first started with your Lubrication Program. I am in the excavation business and conditions are extremely severe at times.
I was using your Thixogrease products for about one year. After that year my original lubrication supplier was trying to get his grease business back. He gave me a pail of grease No Charge and said I would like it. I know the pail of grease was free but it did not come close to the performance of your grease. When I am working around water, your grease just doesn’t wash off. We are also seeing very little to no measurable wear factors. Another benefit came when I was using a cutting torch. I was only a few inches away with extreme heat conditions and your grease did not run out of the bearing. We have also reduced our grease consumption about 50%.

The next result came when I purchased a Cat Crawler and the Bull Gears had broken teeth in several locations. The Cat Dealer told me I would have to replace the parts which would run about $14,000 dollars. This was an unexpected cost factor I was not ready for. He told me if I did not replace these parts now I would be tearing this unit down again with even more damage. I decided to use your NNL 690-G product on this application. I ran the Cat for one full season adding no new parts. The more I used this equipment the smoother it seemed to operate. That next spring I tore it down and was going to replace the Bull Gears and bearing related to that application. I just don’t know how to say this but the bearings and gears had shown no more signs of wear. We did replace the Bull Gears and bearings. I gave those bearing samples to you to show your new customers. I am using the NNL690-G in all of my engines, transmissions, differentials, and hydraulics, on every piece of equipment I own. I will not run my equipment without Power Up.

PowerUp Update 03/03/2006

I purchase my Engine, Transmission, Gear & Hydraulic lubricants in bulk they are stored in Volume Containers they are all treated at all times with NNL690-G. This is a simple method of treatment, nothing gets missed. Purchasing your Thixogrease in 55 KG Kegs was another good move. Thanks again for the great service you provide to my company.


Dan Risner