Since making the decision to implement Power Up into our drilling rigs we have been impressed.  Your products are doing just what you said they would do.  Our rig manager on Rig #2 has relayed that the Rig is using less fuel every day and that the normal sounds of mechanical contact, (“normal” gear noise etc.) have been significantly reduced.  To us this relates to improved up time and reduced failures, which can be very expensive in our business.

Our rig manager on Rig #4 “E” has related that since introducing the Power Up hydraulic additive (Hydra Maxx) that the hydraulic systems are noticeably quieter and that it appears that less energy is required to perform the normal operations of this rig.

Due to the successes we have seen in both Rigs in which we have added Power Up, we have decided to install Power Up into the new Rig that we are in the process of finishing.  Power Up is now being added to each gearbox, mud pump, hydraulic system, engine, and the diesel that we burn in these rigs.  It is difficult to quantify the exact dollar value of the savings we have seen so far however we are convinced that Power Up is saving us dollars right now and we expect to see significant benefits in controlling friction in our equipment for many years into the future.


Adrian Lachance
General Manager
Bear Drilling
Edmonton, Alberta