Mr. Bill Mongin

Bill, it’s been about five years now since we started using the PowerUp program. After viewing your demo I made a decision to try PowerUp in two of my Tandem Trucks. We end for ended both of those trucks with NNL690-G. We made a decision to check the fuel economy in one truck. One month later we experienced a 18% fuel economy increase. Both you and I felt we must have made a mistake in our calculations, so we took the NNL690-G out of the truck. One month later we lost 18% of what we gained. At this point I decided to put your product back into the truck. We felt this would be a good double blind study. Well, one month later we gained the 18% back.

After this I asked you to keep calling on me. I decided to use your products on other applications. The next step was to test your Thixogrease. I have to admit I found the results of your grease very fast. I noticed your grease lasting much longer than others I have used. After using your grease I noticed all of those hard to grease areas have disappeared.

Getting back to PowerUp, the most amazing results are those two engines that we started to treat with your product from the start. Both engines had over 200,000 miles they were gas engines with hard miles. We sent them to our engine rebuilder. He called me back and asked why these engines were sent to him, he could not find any measurable wear. We made a decision to reinstall the engines. Because one of the engines were dissembled for close inspection a new set of rings were needed for that engine. I know it seems strange to reinstall a engine with 200,000 miles using gaskets only, but we felt this was a quality decision that we had made.

We bulk treat our oils with PowerUp UP and are using the Thixogrease in 55 Kg Kegs. PowerUp is reducing our operating cost every day. I recommend you give Bill Mongin a call to get started with the PowerUp products as soon as possible. Bill I can’t thank you enough for coming to us. I am looking forward to using PowerUp for many years to come.”

PowerUp Update 02/13/2003

Bill, it is a little over 8 years now since we first stated using your products. All of our equipment is totally treated with PowerUp NNL690G. This includes our truck’s engines, transmissions, hydraulics and differentials. We also bulk treat our engine, transmission, differential and hydraulic oils. The Thixogrease product is being applied wherever we can.

We now have a little over 40 Trucks, 2 Terragators and 3 Nitros completely protected. Several of our units have well surpassed their engines life expectancy. I would like to mention one truck in particular unit 99. It is a quad axle feed truck equipped with a M11 Cummings engine. The hour meter at present reads 14,952 hours of operation. Based on 45 mph this equates to 672,840 miles. Because this unit idles a good deal of time it usually is ready for an overhaul at about 5,000 hours or 200,000 miles. This is something that we had to live with in our business. Well this doesn’t happen any more. In many cases our trucks and equipment have well surpassed their engine, transmission and differential life expectancy. Please feel free to use this letter on your web site.

PowerUp Update  01/04/2006

Bill here is an brief update on the net results of PowerUp NNL690-G and your Thixogrease products. We now have several units well past 24,000 hours of operation. This equates to a little or 1,000,000 miles on our engines, transmissions, differentials and greasing locations. We have not had any mechanical failures on these applications where your products are used. I will keep you posted.

PowerUp Update 02/03/2006

Bill eight years ago in 1998 we purchased a used truck from a dealer it was equipped with a 3208, 245 Hp Cat engine. It has a small in internal antifreeze leak; we elected not to repair it at that time. Eight years and 200,000 miles later the engine lost all of its antifreeze and seized up about 100 miles away from the shop. The next day we started the truck up and it seemed to run just fine so we drove it back to the shop. The next day we removed the engine from the truck and installed a replacement engine. I know with out PowerUp NNL690-G that engine would only last about 1 month.

Rich Kassien
Bay Lake Cooperative